How To See All of Bangkok in 3 Hours

Best Bangkok Tours



This is the REAL DEAL Tour because we take you only to the best sites all over Bangkok. We don't participate in any deals with gem factories or any other business to pay us to bring you there. We always stay current on what's new and hot in Bangkok so you will always see the most important landmarks but also the coolest new additions to our amazing city.



Bangkok is famous for incredible rooftop bars. There are too many to see on a typical vacation so we hit 5 of them in one night. This tour is a combination of seeing stunning views of this sprawling metropolis from way up in the sky, having fun riding around the city on the back of a scooter taking in all the sites along the way, as well as kicking back and having a few drinks and learning about the Land of Smiles.



Bangkok has truly become a foodie town.  We are of course most beloved for our Thai food but this modern city is chocked full of impressive restaurants of all ethnicities.  We can tailor your tour of 3 restaurants in one night to be all Thai or a combination of the most popular restaurants of the moment.  First restaurant, appetizers. Second one, main entree. Third one, desserts!  It's a fun night of the top restaurants while learning all about Bangkok. 


Best Bangkok Tours was originally founded in 2014 by Susan Jones after living in Bangkok for 3 years. She was a big fan of the super clean, super fast BTS skytrain and MRT subway to get around town. But eventually she bought a scooter (motorcycle) and rode everywhere in a matter of minutes never getting stuck in traffic. One day she decided to hire one of the motosai drivers (motorcycle taxis) to take her where she needed to go instead of driving her own scooter. As she rode on the back with the Thai driver, she didn't have to worry about focusing on the road and could just take in all the things around here. That's when it hit her...sitting on the back of a scooter is the BEST WAY TO SEE BANGKOK! 


She had already had a successful electric scooter tours company in Nashville Tennessee in America, so it was only natural to start a scooter tours in Bangkok as well. Since she already knew it was very safe from driving all over Bangkok on her own scooter, she and her partner Milos started Best Bangkok Tours to take people on the back of a scooter with an experienced Thai driver in the front, and guides talking to you the whole way on walkie talkies, while making stops along the way at all the best sites of the city.  Susan and Milos worked out over months of trial and error the best route around the city where you get the most for your money. According to our reviews, we clearly perfected the best way to take in the most of Bangkok in such a short time.

Susan & Milos are always working to keep Best Bangkok Tours the most up to date exciting way to learn our city. 

When you take our tour, you can just sit back and let us show you why we think Bangkok is the best city in the world. 


Susan Jones

+66 617 642 122

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