Our goal is to make sure you see as much of Bangkok as possible while getting to know all the things that make Thailand such a special and unique spot in the world

Susan Jones
Co Founder

Milos grew up in former Yugoslavia (Serbia). He and Susan met in NYC and after many years in NYC together they took off for adventure around the planet. After coming to Bangkok as tourists, it was Milos who had the vision of Bangkok being their new home. Eventually Susan saw what he saw right from the beginning. Milos helped Susan create the scooter tours every step of the way.

Tour Guide

Susan grew up in America. After traveling around the world for 4 years, she decided there is no place like Bangkok. She relocated here in 2011 and started Best Bangkok Tours in 2014. 

Aom is our super star The Real Deal 100% Authentic Thai Guide. It doesnt hurt that she is extremely pretty and the nicest person you will ever meet.  And a bonus for our tourists is that her English is excellent. She makes every tour a fun event and gives each person her all. At least that's what all the reviews say after every tour she has done.

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